Fire department vehicle for security region Rotterdam – Rijnmond

This is one of the new connection command units of the Veligheidsregio Rotterdam-Rijnmond. DAF CF 75.310 is advanced, robust, feature CAPI2 Navetica and multidisciplinary employable. The unit was showcased at the symposium in NIDV- AHOY “Safety does not come.” With the new techniques that are built-in the possibility arises more operational implementation and coordination to regulate directly, instead of at a distance;more practical. With Capi2 has achieved the following:

  • Monitors from all moving parts & clutch “immobilizer” HELUTO filter, fuel tank level
  • Interface HELUTO climate system, Fischer Panda generator, 24V / 230V power Victron
  • Integrating cameras
  • Lighting control
  • Operation vd entrance via code lock and camera
  • Multiple push units operating in the retracted and extended state
  • Alarm System with PIR alarm with door contacts (code lock)
  • Operation via 17 “Touchscreen

In total there are two connecting command units and one new CoPi vehicle delivered. The units will present 17 year old vehicles of firefighters, police, and GHOR DHMR replaced. Apart from the age of the units, the space in the vehicle was too limited, and above all, the need for new technique.

Another RR6 delivered equipped with Capi2 Navetica

This RR6 was finished in the luxurious style of the customer. The living room has floor heating and partly provided by the insulated windows blinds, perfect climate . The kitchen is fully equipped , there is even a dishwasher in this section. The control of all electrical potential goes through Capi2 Navetica . In this way, everything can be controlled easily via one control panel. Also, the outer door of the living room with a code lock so no more keys longer required. The code gives easy accesses .

Beautiful trucks, trailers delivered with CAPI2 installation

Dutch company, Roelofsen Raalte delivered two trucks, two trailers and a Parados Sport to Absolute Horses Stables. The family Hallundbaek chose two trucks which both can transport 8 horses. One trailer is for transporting 6 horses and also contains a small living.

The other trailer is unique and absolutely one of a kind. The trailer contains only living space and because of it’s pop up possibility, there is a complete upper floor level with a bedroom. Downstairs you find the living with a u-Bench with leather upholstering, a bar, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a beautiful bathroom with a glass shower cabin. Because of the two sided pop out the living area is very spacious.

New multifunctional measuring vessel for the Flemish government serving Scheldt and the coastal waters.

The order went to the Spanish shipyard Rodman Poly Ships , who also previously build the police boats ‘ SPN 14’ and ‘ SPN 15’ . The multifunctional catamaran is almost 23 meters long and 6.5 meters wide and up to 22 knots will be able to sail fast. The new vessel was delivered in the second half of 2013 . It will include the thirty year old ‘ Scheldt Wait II is replaced and can also be used for assignments of the Hydraulic Laboratory of Borgerhout .